City of North Las Vegas

The City of North Las Vegas’  GIS functionality serves mainly the City’s Water and Sewer utilities.  They have really pushed the feature development of the FacilitiesMap framework and have used our frameworks since the very beginning.  They use nearly every feature including:

  • Integrated in-frame application
  • Map-linked Maintenance Management
  • Linked document management
  • CCTV integration with live GraniteXP
  • Both Oracle and SQL Server connectivity
  • Yahoo map search
  • Custom plotting
  • iPad mobile connectivity
  • Mobile “locate-me” functionality
  • Pass-through login for public users
  • Geometric point editing
  • Redline workflow management
  • Google street view
  • Custom application integration
  • Synchronize internal and external FacilitiesMap servers
  • Automated layer updating through scripted processing

Give us a call, we would be happy to show you a demonstration of their site.